Within the Flin Flon Basin, Precambrian meta-sandstones and conglomerates belonging to the Missi Group have been complexly deformed as a result of three periods of deformation. The first two periods (P1 and P2) involved folding but no apparent faulting, the last (P3) involved both folding and faulting. Progressive metamorphism (M2), within the greenschist facies, occurred during the second phase (P2) and aided in the formation of a pronounced axial-plane foliation (S2). Small-scale folding and retrograde metamorphism (M3) occurred along faults formed during the last phase (P3).The faults in this area all appear to be high angle, oblique-slip reverse faults and can be interpreted as having formed during a single orogenic event (P3) although there is sequence in their initiation. The net-slip directions of different faults are approximately the same, and plunge moderately to the southeast, with either the east or south side upthrown, depending on the attitude of the fault.

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