Palynomorph assemblages were extracted from twenty-two samples of the late Lower Silurian Neahga Formation of the Niagara Peninsula. Acritarchs are abundant and well preserved; chitinozoans are relatively rare and mostly incomplete; plant spores are absent; microfossils with leiosphere and tasmanites affinities are also abundant.Comparison of the assemblage composition within the formation in either regional or chronological sense failed to show consistent, reproducible, qualitative, or quantitative differences. There are consistent quantitative composition differences between assemblages of the practically age-equivalent Maplewood and Neahga Formations. The Neahga assemblages are easily differentiated qualitatively from those of the underlying and overlying Silurian formations.Extrapolation from the biofacies boundary transgression during the Silurian, places the age of the Neahga Formation at or before Elles and Wood's graptolite zone 21.

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