Arenaceous foraminifera have been obtained from the insoluble residues of limestones from the Windsor Group (Valmeyeran—Chesterian) of the Atlantic Provinces of Canada. From the arenaceous foraminifera fauna 10 genera and 27 species have been identified of which Saccammina sydneyensis, Tolypammina windsorensis, Tolypammina bretonensis, Reophax acadiensis, and Reophax brunswickensis are new species.Locally, the different subzones of the Windsor Group are characterized by species that have restricted ranges. The genus Reophax and species are restricted to Subzone B. The author is of the opinion that the Skir Dhu beds of northeastern Cape Breton Island belong to Subzone E of the Windsor type area.These arenaceous foraminifera appear to be the first indication of the extensions in their ranges to Middle and maybe to Upper Mississippian.This first detailed report on the arenaceous foraminifera in the Windsor Group is an important aid in correlating Middle and Upper Mississippian strata of the Atlantic Provinces.

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