Miospores of early Frasnian age are described from the third unit of the Escuminac Formation in eastern Québec, Canada. The assemblage comprises 34 species, including 8 species proposed as new, 2 new combinations, and 12 sparsely represented forms not considered synonymous with previously described species.The assemblage is most closely comparable to a Middle Devonian assemblage from the Orcadian Basin, Scotland. Similarities are also noted with European and Russian assemblages, particularly from the Eifelian–Givetian of the Russian Platform. Except for five long-ranging species, elements of Lower Carboniferous assemblages are lacking. Evidence suggests a transitional nature for this Escuminac assemblage. Miospores of relatively large size, a feature of Middle Devonian assemblages, are present. Marked differentiation of large and small spore types, found in several other Upper Devonian assem blages is absent. Apiculate and anchor-spined species dominate the Escuminac assemblage.

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