The quality of the papers in this journal depends a great deal on the efforts of those who agree to act as critical readers of manuscripts. The editors gratefully acknowledge the following people, who helped us from 1 September 2021 through 31 August 2022:

Alvaro, Javier

Angelopoulos, Michael

Bamforth, Emily

Banerjee, S.

Baniak, Greg

Bekker, Andrey

Bethune, Kathryn M.

Bleeker, Wouter

Brekke, Harald

Bull, Diana

Busfield, Marie

Butler, Jared

Card, Colin D.

Castonguay, Sebastien

Chen, Yan

Chu, Xu

Clarke, Barrie

Colpron, Maurice

Cowan, Jun

Crowley, James

Czaplewski, Nicholas

Davis, Donald

Doe, Michael

Driver, Jonathan

Duk-Rodkin, Alejandra

Dumond, Gregory

Dutchak, Alex...

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