Three small assemblages of lower Cambrian (Cambrian Series 2, Stage 4) small shelly fossils are described from Laurentian strata astride Nares Strait. The fauna from the Humboldt Formation of Daugaard-Jensen Land, North Greenland, is derived from inner shelf sediments deposited on the stable craton of the Inglefield Land High. Fossils from Judge Daly Promontory, eastern Ellesmere Island, Nunavut, occur in strata of the Cambrian Ellesmere Group (Kane Basin Formation) that have been structurally juxtaposed against older strata; they were originally assigned to the Kennedy Channel Formation, which is now considered to be of Neoproterozoic age. A similar fauna from offshore environments of the Aftenstjernesø Formation in northern Nyeboe Land, North Greenland, reflects the regional structural and sedimentological continuity with the Canadian Cambrian succession. Pojetaia robsonae sp. nov. is described from Judge Daly Promontory.

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