The quality of the papers in this journal depends a great deal on the efforts of those who agree to act as critical readers of manuscripts. The editors gratefully acknowledge the following people, who helped us from 1 September 2020 through 31 August 2021.

Aagard, Troels

Aitken, Alec

Akoğlu, Ahmet

Allard, Michel

Ansdell, Kevin

Archibald, Donnelly

Arnaud, Emmanuelle

Atkinson, Gail

Averianov, Alexander

Azizi, Hossain

Baird, Graham

Barendregt, Rene

Barr, Sandra

Bauer, Bernard

Bedard, Jean

Bell, Phil

Benson, Roger

Best, Mel

Bilardello, Dario

Birks, Hilary

Boyce, Joseph

Breckenridge, Andrew

Brink, Kirstin

Brouard, Etienne

Brown, Caleb

Busch, James

Butler, Jared

Butler, Karl...

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