Ref.: Can. J. Earth Sci. 57(3): 366–376 (2020)

On p. 368, column 2, the paragraph heading “Panthera (= Felis) atrox bebbi Merriam, 1909, extinct American lion (Carnivora, Felidae)” should be corrected to “Panthera (= Felis) atrox Leidy, 1853, extinct American lion (Carnivora, Felidae)”.

On p. 375, References, the following reference should be deleted: Merriam, J.C. 1909. The skull and dentition of an extinct cat closely allied to Felis atrox Leidy. Bulletin of the Department of Geology, University of California, 5: 291–304.

On p. 375, References, “Leidy, J. 1853. [Lower jaw of fossil...

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