Three theropod taxa have been identified based on isolated frontal bones from the Santonian–?Campanian Bostobe Formation at the Shakh-Shakh locality, in the northeastern Aral Sea region of Kazakhstan. A frontal referable to Ornithomimosauria indet. is distinct in having a slightly pronounced cerebral dome. A frontal of an unidentified therizinosaur resembles the element in Erlikosaurus (Cenomanian—Turonian of Mongolia) in most features, but it differs in having an anterolateral prong along the orbital rim, a less-developed facet for contact with the prefrontal, and a larger depression for the cerebral hemisphere. A frontal identifiable as Troodontidae indet. differs from that of Troodon (Campanian—Maastrichtian of North America) and resembles that of the Mongolian Campanian Gobivenator in having a larger supratemporal fossa and the anterior process of the parietals wedged between the frontals. This specimen is the first reliable record for Troodontidae from the Bostobe Formation.

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