Previously reported and new specimens of marine turtles from the late Campanian of Alberta, Canada, provide additional information on the diversity and distribution of chelonioid turtles at this time. An articulated carapace from the Bearpaw Formation previously interpreted as Lophochelys niobrarae is considered to be a juvenile of a specifically indeterminate chelonioid and is referred to Lophochelys sp. Isolated neurals and a hyoplastron from nonmarine estuarine deposits in the uppermost beds of the Dinosaur Park Formation are tentatively referred to Lophochelys sp. These specimens suggest that this chelonioid could enter freshwater environments. A new chelonioid, Kimurachelys slobodae gen. et sp. nov., is recognized on the basis of two mandibles and a maxilla from the uppermost beds of the Dinosaur Park Formation of southeastern Alberta. A partial postcranial skeleton of an indeterminate chelonioid from the Bearpaw Formation provides additional evidence that chelonioids of this formation included taxa that were phylogenetically intermediate between chelonioids of the late Santonian and members of the crown group.

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