U–Pb zircon geochronological investigations at Battle Harbour, in the Pinware terrane, eastern Grenville Province show that a cross-bedded psammitic rock from Battle Island was deposited after 1200 Ma and prior to Grenvillian orogenesis, as part of a package of psammitic, semi-pelitic and calc-silicate rocks. This represents a major finding as no previous data had indicated any supracrustal-rock deposition after ca. 1500 Ma in the interior eastern Grenville Province. The age is comparable to that obtained from supracrustal units of minor extent elsewhere in the interior Grenville Province, indicating that change in crustal level in these regions was modest during Grenvillian orogenesis. Grenvillian metamorphism at amphibolite facies occurred at 1030 ± 4 Ma, based on evidence from a concordant mafic rock within the supracrustal assemblage that is interpreted to be a sill. Grenvillian orogenesis at Battle Harbour was accompanied by abundant pegmatite injection over an extended period, as indicated by cross-cutting relationships and various states of deformation displayed by the pegmatites. An amazonite-bearing pegmatite has an age of 1024 ± 3 Ma. An even younger, cross-cutting pegmatite contains only inherited zircon grains.

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