Procteria (Pachyprocteria) vermifera n. sp. is described from the upper part of the York River Formation (Gaspé Sandstones Group), lower Eifelian (brachiopod Amphigenia Zone), Rimouski County (Quebec, Canada). This new species is considered part of a new lineage of Pachyprocteria characterized by the presence of interstitial corallites. This study reveals for the first time that the granules on the lower (proximal) side are distributed irregularly, their density being higher in the central area of this side than at the periphery. The unusual association of the tabulate coral Procteria (Pachyprocteria) with the “worm” Hicetes is pointed out. The record of the new species adds to the known paleogeographic distribution of Pachyprocteria in North America (Laurussia).

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