Due to the vast amount of economic interest diamonds have created in northern Alberta, there is a need to produce an accurate geological model for the northern Alberta kimberlite province. To aid in the development of such a model, the emplacement ages of two kimberlite occurrences, K5 and K6 from the Buffalo Head Hills region of north-central Alberta, and the ultramafic Mountain Lake body from northwestern Alberta were estimated using paleomagnetic methods. Paleomagnetic poles obtained in our study do not differ statistically from the reference poles for late Mesozoic – Cenozoic for North America (Besse and Courtillot 2002). With the aid of polarity determinations, palynology, and radiogenic dating, the paleomagnetic results allow for new constraints on the emplacement age of the selected ultramafic occurrences. The paleomagnetic emplacement ages established for the K5, K6, and Mountain Lake bodies are 90–83 Ma, 83.0–79.1 Ma, and not older than 79.1 Ma, respectively.

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