Four graptolite biozones are recorded from the Arenig portion of the Road River Group in the Richardson and Mackenzie mountains in the Yukon and Northwest Territories. In ascending order, these zones are Tetragraptus approximatus, Pendeograptus fruticosus, Didymograptus bifidus, and Parisograptus caduceus australis (new). The Castlemainian stage may be represented by nongraptolitic massive bedded chert. The Arenig–Llanvirn boundary is drawn below the first occurrence of Undulograptus austrodentatus. Fifty-four graptolite taxa are present, and 16 of these species and subspecies are recorded for the first time in this deep-water biotope, namely, Didymograptus? cf. adamantinus, D. asperus, D. dilatans, D. cf. kurcki, D. validus communis, Holmograptus aff. leptograptoides, H. sp. A, Isograptus? sp. nov. A, I. ? dilemma, Keblograptus geminus, Pseudisograptus manubriatus harrisi, Ps. m. koi, Ps. m. janus, Ps. cf. tau, Xiphograptus lofuensis, and Zygograptus cf. abnormis.

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