Dr. John F. Lewry (1939–1999; see Saskatchewan Geological Survey 1999) dedicated his career to investigations of the Saskatchewan–Manitoba segment of the Trans-Hudson Orogen (THO), one of the principal Paleoproterozoic orogens associated with the assembly of Laurentia. Indeed, one can make a strong case that Lithoprobe’s Trans-Hudson Orogen Transect (THOT) was designed to test the tectonic models proposed by John Lewry. He delineated the distinct tectonic provinces in the western part of the THO, predicted the presence of an Archean craton trapped within the THO, and recognized and interpreted the significance of the Pelican Thrust between the juvenile Paleoproterozoic volcanic arc complex of the western Flin Flon Domain and the Archean craton, now called the Sask craton. The research published in Lewry and Stauffer (1990), and many of his ideas, provided the framework for the design of the THOT geophysical and geological studies. John Lewry was co-leader of the THOT until he passed away in 1999 after a battle with cancer. This Special Issue of the Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences is dedicated to him.

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