In the Yathkyed Lake area the Tyrrell shear zone (TSZ) marks the boundary between the northwestern and central Hearne subdomains of the Western Churchill Province. The TSZ is dominated by Proterozoic dextral strain, but in areas of low dextral strain, older shear fabrics are consistent with an earlier thrusting event. Four syntectonic granite sheets from within low-dextral-strain zones in the TSZ and contiguous shear zones at the base of the Yathkyed belt have ages of 2636–2629, 2652 ± 8, 2665–2639, and 2644 ± 3 Ma. The Yathkyed belt occurs in the hanging wall of these shear zones and comprises a greenschist- to amphibolite-grade, overturned panel that is overlain by an upper amphibolite-grade polydeformed panel. The geometry is consistent with a thrust-imbricated stack. Two episodes of deformation in the hanging wall are bracket between ca. 2660 and forumla Ma and between forumla Ma and ca. 2.60 Ga. The Yathkyed belt is interpreted to have initially been emplaced as a thick-skinned, thrust nappe along the TSZ, during 2.66–2.62 Ga tectonism, and reactivated at ca. 2.62–2.60 Ga, causing further crustal thickening. In the Upper Panel, protracted upper amphibolite-grade metamorphism and associated anatectic melting are recorded by zircon, titanite, and monazite ages ranging from ca. 2561 to 2492 Ma. This thermal event is in part attributed to burial in response to ca. 2.62–2.60 Ga thrust reactivation. The timing and means of emplacement of the Upper Panel on top of the Lower Panel is uncertain; however, ca. 2.50 Ga thrusting elsewhere in the northwestern Hearne subdomain provides one possible mechanism.

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