Xiakou section is situated north of the central Yangtze platform with successive Late Permian to Early Triassic strata, thicker than the Global Stratotype Section and Point (GSSP) of the Permian–Triassic boundary (PTB). We recognized three conodont zones across the PTB in this section by high-precision biostratigraphy. They are the Hindeodus latidentatusClarkina meishanensis Zone, Hindeodus parvus Zone, and Isarcicella isarcica Zone in ascending order, which correspond well with the GSSP. The present biostratigraphic work on Xiakou section certainly confirmed the conodont zonation through the PTB at the GSSP and also testified to the correctness of the PTB demarcation in Xiakou section. Based on this precise demarcation of the PTB, the appearance of a clay layer, bed ZSJI266, just beneath the PTB should be an important advantage over the GSSP, because this clay layer approaches to the PTB much in contrast with those two clay layers, bed 26 and bed 28, in the GSSP. Therefore, the radiometric isotopic dating in bed ZSJI266 at Xiakou section should give a more accurate age for the PTB.

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