The cap-shaped Early Cambrian fossil Triplicatella, previously known only from Australia, is reported from the upper Lower Cambrian of North and North-East Greenland, western Newfoundland, and Siberia. The occurrence of Triplicatella in Laurentia strengthens faunal ties between Laurentia and the Australian margin of Gondwana in late Early Cambrian times and supports hypotheses advocating the close proximity for the two palaeocontinents. Two new species, Triplicatella sinuosa n. sp., and T. peltata n. sp. are described, morphological details of which help elucidate the functional morphology and taxonomic affinity of the group. Three opercular types attributable to Triplicatella are left in open taxonomy. The postulated affinity of Triplicatella to hyoliths is confirmed, although the genus can not be placed within either of the two orders of hyoliths currently recognized.

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