Ref: Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, 39(12): 1755–1765.

We recently proposed the generic name Lanthanocephalus for a new dicynodont therapsid from the Upper Permian Koonap Formation of the Karoo Basin, South Africa (Modesto et al., 2002). This name is preoccupied by, and thus the junior homonym of, LanthanocephalusWilliams and Starmer 2000, a genus of Recent alcyoniid octocoral, also from South Africa.

We, therefore, propose the replacement name Lanthanostegus (Greek: lanthanos, “forgotten” or “overlooked,” and stegos, “roof”) for Lanthanocephalus Modesto, Rubidge, and Welman, and Lanthanostegus mohoii for Lanthanocephalus mohoii Modesto, Rubidge, and Welman.


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