Chasmosaurus irvinensis (sp. nov.) is distinguished from other species of this genus by the possession of a broad snout, absence of a brow horn (the position of which is occupied by a pit or rugosities suggestive of bone resorption), broadly rounded and open jugal notch, subrectangular squamosal, straight posterior parietal bar bearing 10 epoccipitals, eight of which are flattened, strongly curved anterodorsally, and nearly indistinguishably coossified to their neighbours, and small, transversely oriented parietal fenestrae restricted to the posterior portion of the frill. This species, restricted to the upper part of the Dinosaur Park Formation, is significantly younger than the other recognized Canadian Chasmosaurus species, C. belli and C. russelli. Phylogenetic analysis shows that C. irvinensis is most closely related to the other Canadian Chasmosaurus species and more distantly related to Chasmosaurus mariscalensis from Texas.

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