Ninety-eight new Nd-isotope analyses are presented for gneissic rocks from the Grenville Province. When combined with over 250 published Nd analyses and some unpublished analyses, these data can be used to establish a first-order crustal formation age map for most of the Grenville parautochthon and allochthonous polycyclic belt. In particular, the geographic extents of a juvenile Labradorian arc (Labradoria) and a juvenile 1.5 Ga arc (Quebecia) are defined, each with an area probably in excess of 100 000 km2. In addition, pre-1.75 Ga arcs are identified in Ontario (Barilia) and Labrador (Makkovikia). This work largely fills the last major gap in the continent-wide crustal formation age map of the Precambrian Shield of North America.

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