This is the third and final compendium of papers on the Abitibi–Grenville Lithoprobe transect. Much of the focus is on the Grenville Province, complementing the previous compendia which focussed on the Abitibi subprovince. There are, however, papers on the Abitibi subprovince concerning detailed gravity studies, granitoid geochemistry, and fluid evolution. The evolution of the Grenvillian orogen is examined in a series of papers combining observations from seismic studies, isotopic characteristics, geochronology, petrology, and structural geology. There are papers discussing the heat flux, teleseismic attributes, and electromagnetic characteristics across the entire region of the Lithoprobe transect, and an overview of Lithoprobe studies of the Sudbury region. A synthesis paper contrasts the Archean tectonic evolution of the Abitibi subprovince with the Mesoproterozoic evolution of the Grenville Province.

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