The marginal mafic granulites that locally border the Nain Plutonic Suite (NPS) have a range of initial Nd-isotope ratios that overlap with that of the NPS anorthosites and associated Nain dykes. The similarity in Nd-isotope data suggests that gneissic Archaean country rocks have contaminated all the anorthosites, marginal mafic granulites, and dykes. Sr-isotope data for the mafic granulites and dykes support a country rock contamination scenario but preclude wholesale assimilation of rocks such as the host Archaean tonalite gneisses as the sole contaminant. Initial epsilonSr values of +10 to +403 and +0.9 to +242 for the mafic granulites and dykes, respectively, are significantly higher than values for NPS country rocks examined thus far. The elevated initial εSr values are therefore interpreted to result from the introduction of radiogenic Sr into the granulites and dykes via Sr-rich fluids, generated by the breakdown of Rb-rich mineral phases such as biotite in the country rocks during NPS.

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