The Shield Margin Project of the National Geoscience Mapping Program (NATMAP) resulted in a new understanding of the Paleoproterozoic Flin Flon Belt (Manitoba and Saskatchewan) in four dimensions. A multidisciplinary approach was utilized in the NATMAP project, based on partnerships with government, university, and private sector geoscientists, and close cooperation with the Lithoprobe’s Trans-Hudson Orogen Transect. Research areas spanned from bedrock and surficial geoscience, to crustal and mantle geophysics, to high precision U–Pb geochronology and tracer isotope studies. This Special Issue contains nine papers covering a wide variety of topics related to the NATMAP Shield Margin Project, including volcanic-hosted massive sulphide deposits in the Flin Flon and Snow Lake camps; structural geology of the Flin Flon townsite and southern flank of the Kisseynew Domain; geochronology and the U–Pb systematics of monazite in metasedimentary rocks; and the geoelectrical and crustal conductivity structure of the Flin Flon Belt.

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