A diverse late Homerian and Ludlow graptolite fauna including 38 species is recognized from shales and claystones of Shuiqingliangzi section in Mojiang County, southern Yunnan, China. Two Wenlock and three Ludlow graptolite biozones are recognized, which, in ascending order, are Colonograptus praedeubeli Biozone, Colonograptus ludensis Biozone, Lobograptus progenitor Biozone, Lobograptus scanicus Biozone, and Saetograptus fritschi linearis Biozone. The 20 species described in the present paper comprise Plectograptus macilentus (Törnquist), Plectograptus sp., Agastograptus clathrospinosus (Eisenack), Agastograptus sp. 1, Agastograptus sp. 2, Gothograptus nassa (Holm), Neogothograptus sp., Colonograptus praedeubeli (Jaeger), Colonograptus ludensis (Murchison), Pseudomonoclimacis dalejensis (Bouček), Monograptus ex gr. uncinatus Tullberg, Monograptus sp., Saetograptus chimaera (Barrande), Saetograptus fritschi linearis (Bouček), Saetograptus leintwardinensis (Hopkinson), Lobograptus progenitor Urbanek, Lobograptus scanicus (Tullberg), Cucullograptus cf. aversus (Eisenack), Bohemograptus bohemicus bohemicus (Barrande), and Bohemograptus bohemicus tenuis (Bouček).

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