Shear zones and northwest-verging folds define a 30 km wide belt of deformation that overprints the Acadian fold belt and telescopes isograds in the Meguma Zone in southwest Nova Scotia. The shear zones appear to form a linked system that accommodated convergence-dominated transpression of the Meguma Zone against an irregular Avalon boundary. Available geochronological data indicate a Mid-Carboniferous (Alleghanian–Variscan) age for the overprinting deformation. The Mid-Carboniferous basement reactivation in southwest Nova Scotia is likely coeval with deformation of Carboniferous strata and reactivation of basement structures (Meguma Group) in the northern Meguma Zone. Together, these Mid-Carboniferous structures may define a wide belt of Alleghanian–Variscan deformation across the northwest (cratonward) margin of the Meguma Zone.

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