The Pointe-de-Lévy slice includes a nearly complete Arenig graptolite succession. A conspicuous gap exists in the Yapeenian (Ya) to lower Darriwilian (Da) part (Ya 1 – Da 1). The lithological column is compiled from several sections at Lévis, Quebec, that yield only parts of the complete succession. The graptolite zonation can be compared closely with that from the Cow Head Group of western Newfoundland and the Deep Kill Formation of eastern New York. The Shumardia "Limestone" is differentiated into four graptolite zones and subzones, of which the youngest zone clearly belongs to the Llanvirn. The Araneograptus murrayi and Holmograptus lentus zones are documented for the first time from the Lévis area. The Undulograptus dentatus Zone of the latest Arenig is introduced.

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