A subcircular positive magnetic anomaly and breccias affecting a basanite and its country-rock metasedimentary rocks reveal the presence of a diatreme with a diameter of approximately 420 m, at Eastman, in the Quebec Appalachians. The post-Middle Devonian age, the position in the line of the Monteregian plutons, and the basanite composition, which is comparable to that of the Cretaceous Monteregian alkaline lamprophyres, suggest that the diatreme is related to the Monteregian magmatism. It is located at the junction of two orthogonal tectonic corridors: the north-north-east Baie Verte – Brompton line and an east−west fault network along the prolongation of the Ottawa−Bonnechère Graben. These structures are zones of weakness that probably served as a conduit for the ascending magma and near-surface water to trigger phreatomagmatic eruptions.

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