A new genus and species of teleostean fish, Lateopisciculus turrifumosus (fossil taxon), from the Palaeocene Paskapoo Formation at Smoky Tower, Alberta, is described. This new species is classified in the Family Percopsidae (Paracanthopterygii: Percopsiformes), based on the presence of a dorsal process on the maxilla. The presence of this fish extends the earliest known age of this family from the Eocene (Amphiplaga and Erismatopterus (fossil taxa)) to the Late Palaeocene. The fossil assemblage at the Smoky Tower locality includes pike (Esocidae), an osteoglossomorph, and two salamanders as well as the new species of percopsid. The site was likely an oxbow lake or shallow swamp. A mass-death event is indicated by the multiple species and size- and age-class distribution of the specimens.

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