A new ichthyosaur species is described from the Upper Triassic (middle Norian) of Williston Lake, northeastern British Columbia. Aside from the foramen enclosed between the radius and ulna–a characteristic of Triassic ichthyosaurs–the new specimen is typical of Lower Jurassic forms. Indeed, if the specimen had been collected from the English lower Liassic, there would have been no hesitation in referring it to the common English genus Ichthyosaurus, a taxonomic course I follow here. Referring the new species to Ichthyosaurus extends the geological range of the genus by approximately 9 Ma, to the middle Norian. Ichthyosaurus janiceps sp. nov. has an abbreviated snout, like that of Ichthyosaurus breviceps, but it is a much larger species, and has a distinctly different forefin.

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