New U–Pb zircon ages are reported from western Stikinia. Devonian and Pennsylvanian ages of volcanic rocks at Oweegee dome confirm the presence of pre-Permian strata, and with Paleozoic and Triassic detrital zircons from Lower Jurassic sandstone, they help to demonstrate pre-Lower Jurassic deformation and uplift. The absence of pre-Paleozoic inherited zircon from all samples is consistent with Nd–Sr isotopic data which suggest that Stikinia consists mainly of juvenile crust. U–Pb ages for posttectonic intrusions suggest that structures in Skeena Fold Belt in the Kinskuch area formed prior to Eocene time. Five ages for felsic volcanic rocks from stratigraphically well-constrained upper parts of the Hazelton arc are approximately 196–199 Ma and suggest near-contemporaneity for cessation of volcanism in the areas studied. The Sinemurian or late Sinemurian – early Pliensbachian ages are older than previously reported U–Pb and biostratigraphic ages for presumed correlative rocks to the west, and westward-migrating volcanism is implied. Together with Toarcian fossils from overlying sandstone, the new ages suggest that a hiatus of moderate duration preceded regionally extensive sedimentation.

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