Dendrochronological, lichenometric, and 14C studies at 14 glacier sites in Peter Lougheed and Elk Lakes provincial parks were used to develop a chronology of Little Ice Age glacial events. The earliest indications of glacial activity are represented by moraines deposited prior to the 16th century. A major glacial expansion in the 17th century is recorded at three sites, where I4C dates show glaciers reached their maximum down-valley positions. Lichenometric dates and tree growth suppression records show a phase of glacial activity early in the 18th century, for which there is only sparse morainic evidence. Most moraines in the area date from a glacial advance culminating in the mid-19th century, and moraine formation was complete everywhere by the late 1800's. Recessional moraines are rare in the study area and indicate that ice-front retreat has been relatively continuous since the 19th century. The glacial chronology developed in this work is comparable to that reconstructed for both the Main Ranges of the Canadian Rockies and the Coast Ranges of the southern Cordillera.

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