Conodonts from carbonate slope sediments of the Ronde Member at Cinquefoil Mountain near Jasper, Alberta, have constrained the Frasnian–Famennian boundary in the Upper Devonian for the first time in Canada. Based on conodont Palmatolepis species, the Frasnian–Famennian boundary has been precisely identified in this section at the base of a tempestite bed (20 cm thick), 14 m above the base of the Ronde Member and directly below a prominent oncolite bed (65 cm thick). Recognized standard conodont zones are the Upper rhenana–linguiformis (or Montagne Noire Zone 13), the Lower triangularis, and the Middle triangularis zones. Conodonts exhibit a mixed Palmatolepis–Polygnathus–Icriodus biofacies, supporting the paleogeographic interpretation of this site as an upperslope depositional setting along the southeastern margin of the paleo-Jasper Basin.

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