Three-dimensional seismic coverage in an approximately 12 km × 12 km area of the southern Monashee metamorphic complex in the south-central portion of the Canadian Cordillera reveals a complex geometry to the Mesozoic–early Tertiary contractional Monashee décollement. Data were acquired as part of the Lithoprobe Southern Canadian Cordillera Transect where two approximately perpendicular lines intersected on the south flank of the Monashee mountains in the hinterland of the Cordillera. Stacks of traces within 100 m × 100 m bins are nominally 6-fold, but range from zero to 108-fold due to the crooked nature of the lines. Both migrated and unmigrated data have been examined for interpretation, but the highly variable data quality and discontinuous reflectivity cause excessive added noise during the migration process.

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