The Mont Logan Nappe is part of the Taconian internal domain of the Quebec Appalachians, and is entirely made up of synrift to passive margin elastics and volcanics of the Shickshock Group. Rocks of the Mont Logan Nappe were affected by both Taconian and Acadian deformations but regional prograde metamorphism is Taconian and limited to the D1 deformational event. Thermobarometry and mineral assemblages indicate that the metasedimentary and metavolcanic rocks of the Mont Logan Nappe have recorded peak temperatures in the range 610–700 °C under pressures of approximately 600–700 MPa, and that prograde metamorphism was accompanied by the development of an inverted metamorphic gradient of −40 to −75 °C/km. The preferred interpretation of the cause of the inverted gradient is dissipative heating accompanying deformation along an intracontinental synmetamorphic thrust fault located at the top of the inverted metamorphic sequence.

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