The western edge of Rae Province, prior to indentation of Slave Province, is conceived as a compressional tectonic margin in which Archean plutonic rocks were intruded by syntectonic granites of 2.4–2.3 Ga age as a result of eastward subduction. Subsequently this margin was intruded by the 2.0–1.90 Ga granites that characterize the Taltson magmatic zone. The latter granites engulf remnants of a widespread supracrustal assemblage of lower granulite facies metamorphic grade, the age of which has heretofore been unknown. We use U–Pb zircon and monazite geochronology to limit the age of cessation of deposition of these metasediments in a pre-Taltson granite basin to between 2.13 and 2.09 Ga.Similarities in geochronology and isotope geochemistry between western Rae Province and Buffalo Head domain, together with the presence of mafic to ultramafic rocks both within the basin and along the western Rae margin, suggest that basin formation was by rifting. Influx of 2.15 Ga detrital zircons probably from the west, and high-grade metamorphism accompanying basin closure at 2.09 Ga, suggest an eastward (inward) movement of magmatism at that time. A second similar eastward migration of magmatism occurred in association with the Slave–Churchill collision (2.0–1.9 Ga). These relations suggest a complex record of crustal accretion within Buffalo Head and Chinchaga domains, the details of which remain to be established.

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