Trace fossil assemblages from green and maroon argillites at 34 localities in the British Mountains and Barn Mountains of northernmost Yukon, and 3 localities in the Grant Land Formation of northern Ellesmere Island contain abundant Planolites spp., Oldhamia curvata, Oldhamia flabellata, and Oldhamia radiata, and rare Oldhamia antiqua, Oldhamia? wattsi (n.comb.), Bergaueria hemispherica, Cochlichnus sp., Didymaulichnus? sp., Helminthoidichnites sp., Monomorphichnus sp., Protopaleodictyon sp., and Tuberculichnus? sp. Additionally, 11 new sites in the Selwyn Mountains of north-central Yukon have yielded an ichnofauna including Helminthorhaphe sp., O. curvata, O. flabellata, O. radiata, Plagiogmus? sp., Planolites spp., and unidentified small hemispherical traces. All these assemblages are interpreted as Early Cambrian to early Middle Cambrian, based on comparison with Oldhamia-bearing ichnofaunas of similar age in North America, Argentina, and western Europe, and on archaeocyathids and olenellids in overlying units.

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