A U–Pb geochronometric study of granitic rocks in the Horseranch Range in the northern Omineca Belt, north-central British Columbia, was carried out to determine the age of deformation, metamorphism, and magmatism and to determine if Precambrian basement is exposed in the range.Our results document Eocene (48–54 Ma) and late Early Cretaceous (113 Ma) granitic magmatism, limit the regional schistosity development to 113 Ma and older, and constrain the peak of syn- to posttectonic regional metamorphism to about 113 Ma. There is no direct evidence for Jurassic metamorphism, although our data do not preclude it. Dextral, oblique-slip mylonitization along the western side of the range is, in part, of Eocene age and related to transtensional tectonics synchronous with movement along regional, dextral strike-slip faults. No Precambrian basement was identified. However, U–Pb data indicate Early Proterozoic inheritance in some of the granitic rocks, a common observation in magmatic rocks of the Omineca Belt.

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