Late Devonian (late Famennian) miospores have been found in the lowermost 7.3 m of the Horton Group on Harding Brook in the type area, Windsor Subbasin, Nova Scotia, below Tournaisian miospores of the Emphanisporites rotatusIndotriradites explanatus Zone. Extending the age of the Horton Group in the type area down into the latest Devonian shows that the lowest beds of the ~ 1000 m thick group are coeval with latest Devonian rocks elsewhere in the Maritimes Basin that have been excluded from the Horton Group by some authors. Evidence presented here favours the argument that Late Devonian rocks lithologically similar to the Horton Group, deposited on the Acadian unconformity, should be included in that group. Miospore evidence indicates a minimum age of about 355 Ma for exhumation of the northeastern part of the South Mountain Batholith.

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