A program to map changes in the positions of glacier termini in the coastal mountains of southern Alaska was initiated by the author in 1931, and since 1941 has been sponsored by the American Geographical Society. Wherever possible, stations previously used for surveys or photography were reoccupied, including a few established as early as the 1880's. After nine field trips, 50 triangulation networks have been established to cover 76 different termini of large and small glaciers, of which 26 are tidal. Photographs were taken from the principal stations to record changes in the topography and vegetation cover. The principal glaciers of Glacier Bay in southeastern Alaska and of Prince William Sound in southcentral Alaska have been surveyed five times.The surveys, supported by the photographic record, have documented pronounced advances of 8 termini and appreciable recession of 37; the remaining glaciers have either oscillated or remained virtually unchanged. The reason for the program, the instrumentation and procedures, and the field problems encountered are discussed, and recommendations are made for the future.

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