Five glacier maps at scales of 1:5 000 and 1:10 000 were produced by the Photogrammetric Research Section of the National Research Council and the Axel Heiberg Island Expedition of McGill University for use in glaciological research in the Canadian Arctic. After general comments on the need for and scope of glacier mapping, the authors discuss in some detail the main problems encountered. It is maintained that glacier maps belong to the class of 'special maps' and that the specifications for them should be set by the glaciologists.Accuracy requirements, choice of mapping scale and contour interval, delineation of various glacier units, extent of detail plotting, etc. are critically reviewed, The 1:10 000 map of the entire White Glacier catchment area, accompanying this paper, is an example of a map which serves various glaciological purposes, primarily calculations of mass change. To facilitate future glacier mapping, the authors suggest that clear definitions of glaciological terms such as 'active glacier' or 'glacierized area' should be established and that their cartographical presentation should he further standardized.

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