Two undeformed biotite granites recovered from exploratory hydrocarbon drill holes that penetrated basement in the Fort Simpson magnetic high were analyzed for U–Pb zircon geochronology and Sm–Nd isotopic composition. Both samples give crystallization ages of 1845 Ma, with errors of less than 5 Ma. This age overlaps with the waning stages of magmatism in the Great Bear magmatic zone of Wopmay Orogen, 200 km to the east. One sample has an initial εNd of +1.3 and a TDM of 2.14 Ga, whereas the other yielded an initial εNd of −2.1 and a TDM of 2.45 Ga. The latter sample indicates that Early Proterozoic light rare-earth element enriched lithosphere with a crustal history dating back to at least 2.45 Ga is present in the subsurface west of Wopmay Orogen.

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