The southernmost remnants of Archean supracrustal and intrusive rocks in eastern Ontario are exposed through a window in the Early Proterozoic Huronian Supergroup near the town of Temagami. U–Pb zircon ages from this area indicate the presence of some of the oldest felsic magmatism so far discovered in this portion of the Superior Province. The Iceland Lake pluton (2736 ± 2 Ma) and a nearby rhyolite flow (graphic) are contemporaneous, which establishes that at least some of the intrusive rocks in the region are synvolcanic and coeval with the oldest volcanic cycle. The youngest plutonic activity is the emplacement of a late rhyolite porphyry dike at 2687 ± 2 Ma, an age that is bracketed by the 2675–2700 Ma emplacement ages of late internal plutons found throughout the Abitibi Subprovince. The 2736 Ma dates, however, are older than the nearest portion of the exposed Abitibi, some 120 km to the north near Kirkland Lake.

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