A complex array of folds and cleavages in metasedimentary and metavolcanic rocks in the Russell Lake domain could reflect regional compression recurrently reoriented across crustal lineaments. Several generations of steeply inclined folds trending northward across the domain curve into or interfere with folds parallel to margins of bordering granite batholiths aligned orthogonally northwest (LNW) and northeast (LNE). Sets of later subvertical cleavages strike northward, northwest parallel and oblique to LNW, and northeastward subparallel to LNE. The cleavages extend beyond the aligned margins, indicating that the association with the granites is indirect.The arrangements of folds and cleavages are consistent with intermittent redirection of subhorizontal compression of cover rocks perpendicular to orthogonal, steep crustal fractures that were intruded by syndeformational granitic plutons. Additionally, overturning of folds near plutons suggests local reorientation of compression near shallow-dipping margins. Following folding, further reorientations resulted in reversals in strike-slip bedding shear and cleavage sets locally symmetric about fold limbs.

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