Thirty-seven taxa of arenaceous foraminifera, recovered from cores of the upper part of the Paddy Member (Peace River Formation) and the superjacent lower Shaftesbury Formation in the Goodfare area of northwestern Alberta, are assigned to the lower part of the Verneuilina canadensis Subzone of the Miliammina manitobensis Zone of the Lower Cretaceous (upper Albian). A stratigraphic hiatus of eight foraminiferal subzones is implied between the Paddy Member and subjacent Cadotte Member. Progressive transgression of the M. manitobensis sea is reflected by a succession of four faunules of foraminifera and trace fossils. Shallow-water facies and reduced salinity are indicated for the Paddy environment, and a return to normal salinity during deposition of the overlying Shaftesbury Formation. A distinctive MiliamminaAmmotium faunule is figured from the upper part of the Paddy Member.

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