Diverse Early and Late Silurian tabulate coral faunas occur in the Baie des Chaleurs region. Analysis of relative abundance data of tabulate corals from the Limestone Point and La Vieille formations of northern New Brunswick and the Anse à Pierre-Loiselle, La Vieille, and Gascons formations of the southern Gaspé Peninsula allowed the recognition of three recurrent large-scale biofacies: the ProporaHeliolites, Cystihalysites, and Syringopora biofacies. The Syringopora Biofacies lacks the characteristics that would allow a zonation to be produced, but in each of the other biofacies, two zones are erected. These can be applied throughout the Baie des Chaleurs region and may be used for correlation with other areas having faunal affinities with this region.

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