A fauna, comprising slightly more than 30 species of Upper Silurian graptolites, has been recognized from the Arctic Islands. The following preliminary biostratigraphic biozones are recognizable: Lobograptus progenitor, Saetograptus fritschi linearis, and Bohemograptus bohemicus tenuis zones of Ludlow age; and the Pseudomonoclimacis parultinus, Pseudomonoclimacis ultimus, Monograptus bouceki, "Pristiogratpus" transgrediens, and Monograptus cf. birchensis zones of Pridoli age. The last-named zone may range into the Devonian. The faunal composition and zones are relatively close to coeval faunas of northern Yukon. They are, however, distinctly depauperate in comparison with the faunas of Poland, Czechoslovakia, or Kazakhstan.

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