The Eocene Flores volcanics of the Insular Belt of southwestern Vancouver Island have U–Pb zircon ages of 51–50 Ma and a mean direction of magnetization (D, I) of 349.8°, 69.6 °(12 collecting sites, k = 41, α95 = 7.0°). The paleopole (81.1°N, 188.0°E, K = 20, A95 = 9.9°) agrees well with Early to Middle Eocene (54–48 Ma) paleopoles from cratonic North America and with two Early to Middle Eocene paleopoles (49 and 52 Ma) from the Intermontane Belt of the Canadian Cordillera. This shows that both the Vancouver Island section of the Insular Belt and the Intermontane Belt were in their present positions with respect to ancestral North America at that time. The data can be used as a reference for estimating tilts in bodies that themselves contain no geological evidence of paleohorizontal; as an illustration, tilts of two Eocene intrusions on Vancouver Island are estimated.

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