The Mishibishu greenstone belt, located 40 km west of Wawa, is a typical Archean greenstone belt and is probably an extension of the Michipicoten belt. This belt is composed of basic to felsic metavolcanic rocks of tholeiitic to calc-alkaline affinity and of metasedimentary rocks ranging from conglomerate to argillite. Granitoids, diorites, and gabbros intrude and embay supracrustal rocks as internal and external plutons.Six U–Pb zircon ages have been obtained on rocks in this area. The oldest is 2721 ± 4 Ma for the Jostle Lake tonalite. The bulk of the volcanic rocks formed by 2696 ± 17 Ma, which is the age of the Chimney Point porphyry at the top of the volcanic pile. The Pilot Harbour granite has a similar age of 2693 ± 7 Ma. The age of the Tee Lake tonalite is 2673 ± 12 Ma, and the age of the Iron. Lake gabbro is 2671 ± 4 Ma. The youngest age for volcanics in this part of the Superior Province is 2677 ± 7 Ma, obtained from, the David Lakes pyroclastic breccia. these ages agree with those reported for the adjacent Michipicoten and Gamitagama belts.

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