Samples from the Duperow, Souris River, and Dawson Bay formations collected from a mine shaft near Esterhazy, Saskatchewan, contain the stromatoporoids that are described in this paper. The lower beds of the Duperow Formation, corresponding to members 1 and 2, contain a stromatoporoid fauna of 11 species, most of which occur in the Upper Cairn and Peechee formations of the Rocky Mountains. The underlying Souris River fauna consists of two species known from the correlative Beaverhill Lake, Mikkwa, Flume, and Cairn formations. Seven species were identified from the Dawson Bay Formation, of which the most diagnostic is Schistodictyon bailliei McCammon.Widening the species concept applied to stromatoporoids places several species described from these intervals in synonymy, decreases apparent endemism, and leads to the recognition of the wide distribution of the Flume–Cairn fauna from the Northwest Territories to Iowa.

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